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Safe Handling


Storing, Transporting, Shipping

General Distributing Company has custom designed insulated containers made specifically for transporting and shipping dry ice. Store in an insulated container, however, do not store in an airtight container as the sublimation of dry ice to CO2 gas will cause the airtight container to expand and potentially explode. Keep proper air ventilation wherever dry ice is stored. Do not store in unventilated rooms as sublimated CO2 gas is heavier than air and will float to the bottom of a room displacing oxygenated air. This could cause suffocation.

Frosty the dry ice man


Proper Handling of Dry Ice

Dry Ice is extremely cold at -109.3 Fahrenheit. Always handle with care and wear protective clothing and leather gloves. Prolonged contact to the skin will cause injury similar to a burn. NEVER ATTEMPT TO CONSUME DRY ICE!