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Description and Application


Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) and forms at -109.3 Fahrenheit. Dry Ice goes from solid back to gas through a process called “sublimation” in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet liquid stage

General Distributing Dry Ice is available in either pellet (storing and packaging) or rice (dry ice blasting) form

Frosty the dry ice man


Industrial Blasting Applications
Oil & Gas industry
Food & Beverage
Mold Remediation
Fire Restoration
Wood Restoration
General Maintenance
Equipment Cleaning
  1. Medical

    1. Temperature controlled lab applications

    2. Tissue preservation

    3. Organ and Blood transportation

  2. Food

    1. Packing and transporting

    2. Fresh meat processing

  3. Industrial Blasting

    1. Environmentally friendly--no caustic agents or chemicals

    2. Removes adhesives

    3. Replaces sand blasting--no clean up & no equipment damage