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Gas Blenders and Blender/Generator Combinations

Mixed gas offers the most simple, trouble-free solution to the challenge of maintaining perfectly carbonated beer. This can be done either through a blender from McDantim, headquartered right here in Helena, Montana, or a complete cylinder free generator from Green Air Supply.


Advantages of Mixed on Site Gas

  • Saves Money
    Reduces or eliminates wasted beer
    Can reduce labor costs

  • Protects Beer Quality
    Prevents over carbonation, flat beer, oxidization and foaming

  • Increases sales
    Customers buy more when quality is better

  • Improves Convenience
    Can reduce or eliminate cylinder changes and other operation concerns when properly serviced


General Distributing Company Advantages

  • Choice of blends

  • Multiple blends available

  • One year money back guarantee

  • Tamper proof

  • No on-going service or adjustments needed

  • Accurate (+/- 2%)

  • Shuts off if either gas supply fails

  • Available in different flow rates

  • Only blender approved by Guinness and Coors

  • 50,000+ operating around the world today